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2020 Vision – Just Six Months To Go!

July 23, 2019
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July 23, 2019 GraemeH

Successful strategies need a hook.

Just like advertising campaigns selling products to customers, strategies must be ‘sold’ to all the stakeholders, so that they will actually be implemented rather than sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

In recent years, for many companies, “2020” was the catchy hook that they used to focus attention – their “20/20 Vision” was designed to get them to where they needed to be by the end of the decade.

In the guarding and cleaning industries, the typical goals associated with these initiatives have been:

  • To halt and reverse the decline in margins, both in cash terms and as a percentage;
  • To maintain a stable team of engaged and happy contributors; and,
  • To use the data and knowledge of the workforce to provide added value services to clients.

And in the nature of this business, these goals have to be met in a changing and challenging environment.

Increasing capital intensity has raised the financial risk, while wage expectations and, in the UK, concerns about Brexit, have pushed up labour costs and added to uncertainty.

Meanwhile, more regulation – not least GDPR! – ‘uberisation’ of parts of the industry, and ever-more demanding clients have further complicated the picture.

With 2020 fast approaching, if you’re where you planned to be at this stage, congratulations! That’s quite an achievement.

If not, all is not lost. You cannot put the clock back, but you can re-double your efforts and focus on what will bring your business closer to that 2020 Vision

In a complicated world, we at Innovise provide the tools you need to simplify and streamline your processes and help you meet those goals.


  • The smoother communication and better data provided by Timegate make your managers and front-line staff more efficient and effective;
  • Our Service tools reduce the risks of errors, and keeps happy clients coming back for more; and,
  • Our pricing structures reflect the way you need to do business, giving you predictability while allowing you to grow.

Employee retention:

  • We understand that retaining the right people is vastly more cost-effective than finding and training new staff;
  • We’re big fans of ‘engagement contagion‘, because we know the value of a contented and productive team; and,
  • Feedback from users and a policy of continuous improvement has made Timegate the system of choice for managers and front-line staff;

Business intelligence:

  • Data is the new oil, and with Insights, our world-class business intelligence (BI) tool for workforce management, you and your clients will have barrels of it, refined and ready to use;
  • This enables you to be an integral part of your clients’ supply chains, providing essential insights into how they and their clients do business; and
  • Big data finally becomes manageable and genuinely useful.

The clock is ticking, not just for you but also for your competitors. Act now, and make your 20:20 Vision a reality.