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5 critical reasons why you need a vetting solution

September 19, 2017
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September 19, 2017 GraemeH

The United States has one of the most mobile workforces in the world, and the average American switches jobs every four years.1 A normal turnover rate for most industries is between 15-30%, however, in the guarding industry, the annual turnover rate of an average private security firm exceeds 100% and can go as high as 400% for smaller firms.2 This makes the vetting process even more complicated, and it becomes a challenge for companies to undertake the range of background checks necessary to ensure complete security, especially in the guarding industry.

However, failure to carry out these employment checks can result in substantial penalties such as hefty fines and a loss of reputation. Here are five reasons why it’s crucial to have a robust, reliable and efficient vetting solution in place:

  1. Liability
    According to the Society for Human Resources Management, one of the main reasons businesses run checks – apart from trying to avoid workplace violence and employee theft — is to protect themselves against liability. The cost of paying out damages from a negligent hiring lawsuit is extremely high.
  2. Right to work in the US
    It’s a legal obligation to check that a potential employee has the right to work in the US. Background checking software is hugely beneficial as it not only ascertains if you’re employing people legally able to work in your country – it also allows you to show compliance if required to prove the background checks you’ve made.
  3. Forgery and fraud
    With the number of fraud convictions on the increase, businesses need to be able to detect any discrepancies, forged documents and fraudulent applications. Background checking software helps to ensure your business is handling authentic documents and materials during the hiring process.
  4. Criminal convictions
    A compliant background checking solution is critical for anyone in the guarding industry. An estimated 70 million Americans have a criminal record3 and checking potential employees is essential for organisations wishing to protect their assets.
  5. Legal and industrial regulations
    Compliance is necessary in the guarding industry where there are many legislations and regulations regarding recruitment. Your company’s reputation is on the line if you fail in this one area where an exceptional level of integrity and trust is required from your employees.
    The most common forms of pre-employment screening are criminal record checks and credit reports, plus driving records, verification of education, identity and previous employment and addresses.

With the volume of checks necessary, it can become a costly process if you’re undertaking these in a random, ad hoc way. To ensure time and cost-efficiency, you need to have a system that will automate the application and vetting process and ensure complete industry compliance.

With this in mind, Innovise created the Timegate Recruitment Pack to help organisations tackle all of the above issues. Timegate can be configured to check potential employees against any standards required. It collects, collates and stores key documentation, ensuring you have a compliant audit trail and transparency in all the checks you carry out.

By automating background checks, you’re not only saving time and money – you’re also protecting your business and ensuring the safety of all those who work for your company.

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