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5 steps to avoiding data overload

November 17, 2017
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November 17, 2017 GraemeH

There is no doubting the benefit of insight and action that data can provide, particularly in filling the gap between what is happening on the ground, and the management information needed for effective service delivery. But consider that 99.5% of the world’s digital data is never analysed1; the challenge for facilities management providers is one of maintaining a view on what’s of value.


And here’s 5 ways you can avoid data overload and paralysis:

  1. Prioritise information
    Consider the type of data you require and how much detail you need. Do you need to know how much time was spent cleaning or just the fact it was done? Build out your points of focus from your contractual obligations as these are the things you’re going to want to report on.
  2. Go mobile
    Being able to assess information from a mobile device provides a unique level of flexibility of insight. It untethers you from your desk, making data accessible wherever you are, and able to action service requests without constraint.
  3. View real-time
    Real-time data means you have relevant information at your fingertips rather than having to wait for reports to be issued. You can now instantly monitor visitor numbers, building and occupancy patterns, and energy management, from which to reflect service levels to suit.
  4. Integrate systems
    If you’re using separate methods to manage schedules and timetables, STOP. One of the most important ways to avoid data overload is to ensure your systems are integrated. Only then can you get a single view from which to direct workers and resources to where and when they’re needed (a breath of fresh air).
  5. User experience
    User experience is vital to the consumption of data. If users can easily manage their task lists and schedules they can make smart decisions, fast, based on the information in front of them. Simplicity and accessibility is key.
    Avoid data overload by keeping your goal front of mind: to minimise operational variances, reduce waste, and meet contractual obligations. Timegate, a workforce management solution, is built specifically for facilities management business, and can pinpoint the value in your data by providing a focus on only the things that matter: T&A, scheduling/rostering, budgeting and management intelligence. With its rich functionality and user-friendly design, users have a simple way to make informed and proactive decisions.

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1 Connect Analytics to Data 2 IDC’s Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, December 2012