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5 ways to increase the efficiency of your facilities management business

September 15, 2017
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September 15, 2017 GraemeH

Companies within the facilities management and support services industry are constantly looking to make workforce efficiencies, largely because operating in a low margin sector demands continuous close scrutiny. But rather than cutting staff to make the numbers add up, investments in technology are helping Facilities Management organisations make the best use of the resource they have. For example, automated systems and data collection reduce admin time while providing valuable insights to enable predictive, time-efficient deployment of the workforce. Here are five ways you could be making workforce efficiencies through the use of the latest technologies:

  1. Automate your processes
    All facility management services include a number of steps leading to the delivery of a pre-defined set of contract criteria. Your focus should be on managing each step individually to identify multiple small efficiency savings, for example: if ordering uniforms is a manual process involving multiple staff to fulfil, could you perhaps take the order process online? The same for HR processes such as the booking of holidays.
  2. Engage your employees
    An engaged workforce is a powerful one. Motivation is easier to instil, efficiencies are easier to gain, and you reduce many of the issues that plague Facilities Management organisations, such as absenteeism. According to a report by Officevibe, a medium sized company with 500 employees, an average salary of $25k, and a staff turnover of 80%, could save $272,917 in reduced absenteeism by increasing the number of times they engage employees. Use the technology tools at your disposal to engage on scale to begin generating those efficiency savings.
  3. Make your or your clients buildings smarter
    A building’s environment can be dramatically transformed by the deployment of automated systems linked to the IoT. In smart buildings, energy inefficiencies, for example, are quickly revealed as all utilities are integrated and controlled from a centralised location. You get to problems earlier, perhaps even before they are a problem. This represents a huge opportunity to identify and rectify areas of waste. Another example is occupancy monitoring, which highlights periods of high and low usage in areas of a building, so you can allocate resource as required.
  4. Encourage a mobile workforce
    Cloud computing and wearable technology are changing the way facilities management and the support services industry operates with employees able to carry out tasks from remote locations. A connected workforce is an engaged workforce but this can’t be done on a shoestring. Companies can respond more quickly – and sometimes without even having to visit a site. Access to data, video conferencing, and instant messaging apps allow diagnosis and sometimes remediation from anywhere. What’s that worth?
  5. Use your data for predictive maintenance
    In-depth analysis of equipment allows for predictive maintenance techniques to be employed to help determine the condition of equipment. This then predicts when maintenance should be performed, or not as the case may be. When it comes to fulfilling SLAs, this information allows Facilities Management companies to take control and deploy their workforce according to a scheduled programme rather than reacting to problems as they arise. This forward-thinking approach generates massive long-term maintenance cost savings as resource can be efficiently timetabled.

By using a workforce management solution like Timegate will help with some of this. Built specifically for facilities management, you retain visibility of your workforce, and of the status of contract delivery. In the competitive world of support services, Timegate offers a significant advantage by enabling a real-time overview of your operations. In this way, you can see how much you are achieving with the same people by working with new technologies.

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