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6 Goals achieved with workforce management software

September 7, 2018
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September 7, 2018 GraemeH

Got Timegate? Remind yourself just why you are feeling so smug

If you are one of the many organisations that have recently deployed Timegate, let’s remind you of some of the benefits you now enjoy because of that investment.

  1. Reduced Cost of operation
    You have taken out the guess work and the errors normally associated with planning and monitoring workforce operations. By automating the planning, the capture of time & attendance, as well as the associated salary calculations (including even the most complicated of pay rules) you have ensured accuracy prevails across the business. This was step one in optimising workforce management processes throughout the business.
  2. Increased flexibility and productivity
    Giving the executive management team all the information that they need, the workforce management technology you have selected now enables better decisions to be made. Creating transparency like never-before, management teams can now plan and quickly react to unexpected demands without skimping on quality. Assigning the right people with the right skills to the right place at the right time, workforce utilisation is dramatically increased as the business becomes significantly more agile.
  3. Cutting the risk of non-compliance
    By eliminating doubt and proving compliance and forcing adherence, the workforce management software has enabled the business to swiftly demonstrate that compliance obligations have been met thus satisfying clients, auditors and internal stakeholders equally.
  4. Happy Customers
    With clear management information demonstrating your professional service and contractual satisfaction the business is operating more smoothly, and customers receiving a better service. Indeed, with efficient workforce management not only is quality improving but the customers are rewarding that with the potential to grow the relationship and work more strategically together.
  5. Happy Employees
    Through effective use of the technology you have been increasing employee engagement. Transparency as to strategy and service expectation, but coupled with giving employees access to what matters to them personally, you have developed a workforce management tool that the front line teams also want to use and that provides boosts motivation in the workplace.
  6. Happier Central Services/Shared Service teams
    Things are looking up for these guys too. The new workflows mean their time helping front line workers, as well as servicing requests from clients all got a lot easier. Timegate reduced all of the complexity, got rid of all the paper and put all the data on the screen in front of them. They were able to reduce time on tasks by 90% and speed up response times by 75%. Holiday processes and pay queries are such an emotive area of a business for both the employee affected and the back office workers that this time saving is likely to have had the biggest positive impact.

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