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Innovise Software & Solutions is an independent, privately owned software company. We specialise in building software applications that our customers have to depend upon day-to-day, hour-to-hour

We build technology for the facilities management and support services industries. Our applications support granular cost control of workforces operating within this very low-margin sector.

Our customer primarily provide Guarding, Cleaning, Janitorial and Facilities Management services

We support high-risk scenarios in national infrastructure, the security sector and alarm response services. We help keep hospitals and ambulances clean, offices tidy and well maintained, relationships between our clients and their customers in tip-top order. We help them deliver the promises they make.

Finally, we help keep them compliant. Be it who they hire, the contract they deliver or the legislation, contracts and policies that govern what they do, it's vital they are fully compliant and they depend on Innovise to help make that happen every day.

Who buys from us?

Innovise works exclusively with the support services and facilities management sector. We started in the UK and quickly broadened our client base abroad, with customers all over the world. With each new client, we learn how we can increase the value and appeal of what we do for organisations like yours, wherever you are based.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. From the global giants, through to local, growing FM organisations, our flexible technology fits their needs exactly. Seeking the very best solution for their business, our clients not only choose us for our knowledge and industry experience, they also seek us out for our willingness and ability to support their future development.

These clients, be they large or innovative and aspiring, help us grow. We reward them with stable, considered solutions that meet their needs and give them peace of mind as they operate. We invest in the delivery of a quality service and enhancing our product to meet the ever increasing demands of this exciting and challenging industry. If your business sets a high standard, requires a quality of software and service that gives you peace of mind, or you have the challenges of scale and finding tools to enable and support your growth, we would love to talk to you about how we might fit with your plans.

Setting the standard

Innovise works hard to deliver the highest standards of product and service to our clients. To make this a reality in a highly competitive software market, we need to attract the best talent from the world over, then we need to listen and learn from them.

We have a culture of continuous improvement and requiring excellence as standard. We understand that our colleagues, our clients and our other stakeholders can all offer us insight in to our business, our thinking and our path to success. We check on our progress regularly with customer surveys, employee surveys, internal social media and employee engagement initiatives. We routinely run Soft Skills Development (SSD initiatives), Management Development Programmes (MDP) and pull on external business schools, training academies and partners to keep us progressing.

We get this externally benchmarked and are very proud to be in receipt of accolades from Investors in People for Gold Standards, as well as Best Companies for our 1 Star performance for our commitment to measuring, recognising and improving our business engagement. Find out more about careers at Innovise.