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May 23, 2019 Innovise
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Token Features

The subtle differences inherent in the cleaning and security industries are not only critical to their operational management but also to ensure Axis were delivering what their customers required.

When the time came to implement a time and attendance system into their cleaning division, it was difficult for Axis not to recognise Innovise as a market leader, working with 19 of the top 25 cleaning companies in the UK. Timegate enables Axis to service their 500 clients across the UK, working as a solution for all 2,500 cleaning operatives.

Being asked by their clients, “what added value can you bring?”, Axis are consistently able to show they are at the forefront of innovation through their partnership with Innovise. Recognising innovation as being the key differentiator in that added value, Innovise actively seek new opportunities to strategically grow and innovate Axis and strive to become their long-term supplier of choice. This mutual, long-term relationship is built on openness and flexibility with Innovise developing a solution that works for all employees, which is fundamental to Axis.

Axis required a solution that was versatile enough to allow for split shifts and flexible working in their cleaning division, while also being able to verify the right person is available at the right time for their security division.

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