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March 20, 2017 Innovise
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Brooknight Security

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Using Timegate to support corporate strategy and manage the demands of a rapidly growing, nationwide business.

Innovise working in partnership with Brooknight Security. Providing security services for a portfolio of global brand customers, Brooknight Security were looking for a software supplier that would not only sit in-line with their corporate strategy; but that would be able to provide powerful solutions that would grow and adapt with their growing business. Innovise understood this and through the provision of Timegate, were able to satisfy Brooknight’s multiple objectives.

4000 shifts per year, across the UK and Republic of Ireland, to co-ordinate and manage

Achieving business growth of 300% within a twelve-month period, the reality for Brooknight Security was the need to reliably co-ordinate and manage 4,000 shifts per year for staff situated across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Requiring a piece of software that could keep up with demand and enable them to roster shifts, often at extremely short notice, it was vital to Brooknight that they were able to know where their manpower resources were at all times. The Timegate software solution proved to be the perfect fit:

“Timegate is always one step ahead.”

Solution proved to be the perfect fit. Realising the benefits of Timegate’s flexibility, David Marchio, National Accounts Director at Brooknight Security comments:

“What is good about Timegate is that it’s not an off-the-shelf product – we have been able to take the basic principle and add to it. As the company has grown, we have been able to add more to it to suit the needs of our operation. By far the most advanced product of its kind, it is developing all the time, so you are never standing still. You’ve actually got something you can work with on an ongoing basis.”

Enabling Brooknight Security to provide real-time evidence, on KPI delivery, Timegate has added a further element to Brooknight’s customer service delivery. Chris Fieldhouse, Managing Director, Brooknight Security confirms:

“KPI’s are really important and are top of every customer’s wish list. Timegate helps us hugely by drawing down data from our operation, to support those KPI’s. Timegate generates masses of management information, so when customers ask for details about their contract, we are able to do that in seconds.”

Working closely with Brooknight Security, Innovise continually look for ways to enhance Timegate, to mirror the emerging needs of their expanding business. Chris concludes:

“The support we get from Innovise, both in terms of the interaction between the two teams and in looking at solutions that work best for us, is great. With the recent rapid expansion of business, we’ve had to really step it up, and Innovise have been there to support us as we have gone through this process.”

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