February 7, 2018 Innovise

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Operating within four distinct industry sectors: security, cleaning, events and retail management, Carlisle Support Services is one of the UK’s leading support service providers.

Through the implementation of their in-house Operation Excellence Programme, Carlisle aspires to become the employer of choice for the facilities industry. Leveraging three initiatives: Work IT, Train IT and Engage IT, Carlisle’s Operation Excellence Programme focuses on the successful recruitment, training and engagement of their workforce. Devised to streamline operations to benefit employees and clients alike, the Programme touches on each aspect of the employee experience within the organisation. Needing a software solution to underpin, monitor and manage this all-encompassing way of working, Carlisle Support services turned to Innovise and the Timegate solution.

Working with Carlisle Support Services to develop Timegate in-line with the growing reach of the business and the evolving requirements of the organisation, Innovise has enabled Carlisle Support Services to achieve their goals. Delivering on their promise of a better work life balance for their employees, increased workforce engagement has simultaneously allowed Carlisle Support Services to guarantee a fast and consistently high level of service to their clients. Timegate enables Carlisle Support Services to provide a highly efficient, high quality service that can be depended upon.

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