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Challenging workplace conventions

May 31, 2017
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May 31, 2017 GraemeH

Employees are the lifeblood of any facilities management organisation, after all, it’s their work that shapes the success of the business. And it’s for this reason that it pays to make staff feel like they’re more than just a hired pair of hands.

I quote Jack Welch here after a middle aged appliance worker offered this advice to him: “For twenty-five years, you paid for my hands when you could have had my brain as well – for nothing.” Your workers, operating at the coalface, so to speak, could be the difference between simply meeting, or instead exceeding, customer expectations.


Ensuring your employees are engaged as much with you as with the company they have been contracted to is no simple task.

But if you can fuel their belief that they remain a vital part of the business’ success, and perhaps will be rewarded as such, then you may find retention rates increasing and customer satisfaction improving.
There are countless strategies to foster employee engagement and the result has overwhelmingly positive benefits for you1:

  • Highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability
  • Highly engaged business units realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in productivity
  • Highly engaged business units achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales

It’s no surprise then that 88% of businesses who took part in a survey by Virgin said employee engagement was a priority for them. With better and more inclusive communication, your business can improve worker engagement.


Workers are more likely to connect with their Facilities Management parent company if they understand what the business’ goals are and how their role is directly tied in to achieving them.


Establish tangible goals they can work towards and get them involved in identifying a list, for example: for a cleaner it could include customer score within an area of responsibility reaching a particular level, for a security guard it could be a number of instances reported and dealt with.


Once you have the goals in place, provide the tools to enable them to track performance progress – mobile applications that can be accessed wherever they are on site are ideal for this purpose.
With modern data and analytics technology, creating and sharing information can be done at the click of a button – with bespoke dashboards created for each of your workers.


Collect the results and agree them with the Customer. Once they are signed off and agreed, with action plans developed, share what you can with your front line teams. Help them understand how they have contributed to success, and where you can all make a difference ahead of the next review.

Put this somewhere they can easily access and keep front of mind.


Technology actually has a bigger role than you might expect when it comes to employee engagement. Over 90% of employees surveyed said that their job satisfaction (a vital aspect of engagement) was negatively affected if they didn’t have the technology needed to do their job efficiently3. With 1 in 3 actually going as far as saying that they’d quit their job if their employee used outdated software4.

This might seem a little bizarre at first, but keep in mind that using technology to make your employees’ task easier or more efficient is actually of benefit to them. As Bill Gates once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it” Ultimately, it can be as simple as setting up your technology to automatically email staff their schedules so there’s no need to check rotas, notify them of changes, offering them overtime, or giving them the ability to view client’s SLAs on a mobile device ensuring they never forget vital tasks.

A great example of software that’s been developed to help your business reach its goals whilst also fostering employee engagement is our workforce management solution – Timegate.

It’s designed specifically for the FM industry and to connect the people working in it. Learn more about Timegate & Servicetrac or find out more about Innovise.

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