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Cost control and process automation

November 30, 2016
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November 30, 2016 GraemeH

Managing resources and delivering on your contractual obligations has never been easier, or more cost effective, with Timegate, a Cloud-based workforce management solution designed for facilities management, cleaning and security businesses.

As your business grows, maintaining visibility of your workforce and contractors becomes more challenging, so let’s make life easier for you.

From pre-employment to payment and invoicing, Timegate gives you the visibility necessary to manage contracts and employees, while remaining compliant, retaining control of costs, improving service delivery, and growing your business.

As a connected solution, elements of the Timegate platform can be accessed via phone, tablet, or PC; to control your costs, mitigate your operational and financial risks or to enrich employee life, giving them the same real-time access to data you enjoy, but with things that matter to them.


With better control of operational data and systems comes opportunities to improve customer satisfaction through improved service delivery.

  • You get to manage contract budgets, SLAs and hours in line with contracted levels.
  • You get to see in real-time, any changes that might need to be made to bring services back in line.
  • You improve operational efficiency in the front line and the back-office.

The difference between the way we used to work and the way we work now with Timegate is like night and day. – Will Adams, Director & General Manager, Integrity

What’s in Timegate?

At its core, Timegate is a resource management solution designed to help you remove manual manipulation and human error.

Our Facilities Management solution contains a number of packs which will make meeting contractual obligations easier, compliant, and more profitable. Learn more about Timegate

Through Timegate, we have more control over budgets and scheduling. Everything is now tied down – it is a much stronger system and we are enjoying the time and money savings that it is making for us – Emprise


When you could be fined up to £20,000 per person for employing illegal workers, you need to do everything in your power to hire best-fit candidates. And this is where our Recruitment Pack can help by automating application, vetting, and on-going compliance.


1 in 6 facilities management contracts are cancelled because hours couldn’t be proven. Timegate removes this risk by giving you an accurate, real-time view of deliverables that you can access online, anywhere. You gain greater control and predictable delivery.


Being able to invoice your clients directly from Timegate, be that for regular activities or any irregular ad hoc work and miscellaneous costs undertaken, helps drive efficiency and reduce the risk of error associated with manual input and management.


The Engagement Pack frees up your back-office teams by giving employees access to personnel files and work schedules from an app or web browser. You gain real–time worker analysis, and can work more openly, actively and effectively with your workforce. Our clients already benefiting from Timegate include: Emprise, Eurotech, Aspro, Cardinal Group, Integrity, TSS Learn more about Timegate & Servicetrac

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