January 1, 2000 GraemeH
Microsoft / Windows

Microsoft offer much better integrations with their own portfolio of software applications and security policies. The hardware is of a high standard. The phones and tablets offer a fully integrated experience with Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive etc.).

There are a distinct lack of ‘rugged’ devices within the Microsoft stack so consideration must be applied to the likely user case that the device is being supplied for. Please click here(link is external) to learn more about Microsofts hardware

Google / Android

Android powered device manufacturers tend to offer very good hardware and there are significantly more manufacturers using Google’s operating systems than of any other manufacturer. There are a wide range of devices available from phones to Tablets, Chromebooks etc. but you need to be careful what you buy.

Innovise recommend you ship us any devices you would like us to test on our next QA cycle if you are unsure about the fitness for your organisation.

We regularly test the latest devices from the major manufacturers, but clearly not every version. We can also supply a device which are rugged and capable of handling most of our clients requirements.

Rugged Devices

Innovise don’t recommend any devices for client use, principally because every customer’s needs are different.