February 3, 2016 Innovise

Automating processes with Timegate to drive efficiency and accuracy.

Gough & Kelly is a premier provider of security related products and services including CCTV, key holding and manned guarding. Providing systems and services that ensure full compliance with current legal and insurance regulations, Gough & Kelly strives to give its clients convenience, control and the safe environment that they require, via the investment in the very latest technology.

Established in 1988, Gough & Kelly has grown from a small local business into the countrywide organisation that it is today, with an ethos that customer service is paramount. A busy control room, combined with an ever growing team of dispersed security guards, meant that the traditional manual methods of workforce management that were still employed within the business could no longer provide the accuracy that was required.

“…we needed to be able to rely on a 100% accurate process.”

Ian Crawford, Group Operations Manager at Gough & Kelly commented: “As a growing business, working with a paper-based management system that had been in place for many years, it became very clear to us that the need to automate our processes was becoming critical. Our labour-intensive, manual process was slowing us down, costing us money, and was not able to provide the accuracy that we demanded. Customer service is at the heart of our business and from timesheets to payroll and invoicing, we needed to be able to rely on a 100% accurate process, not only for ourselves, but for our clients as well”.

Gough & Kelly approached Innovise to find a software solution that would save on cost and add speed, accuracy and efficiency to their operation. Timegate was identified as the best solution, as it is a powerful workforce management system that includes a range of features to address each area of the management process. And by providing real-time insight into operational activity, Timegate offers much more than an automated time and attendance system.

Significant cost savings. Ian and his team soon realised benefits: “We noticed very soon after implementation the huge difference that the software was making to our organisation. Accuracy and speed of administration were objectives that were achieved immediately. Faster and precise to the absolute second, Timegate made rostering, wages and invoicing a much easier and faster process, saving us time and money, and pleasing management and staff alike”. 

“Faster and precise to the absolute second, Timegate made rostering, wages and invoicing a much easier and faster process, saving us time and money.”

Time savings through increased efficiency. Timegate’s Finance Pack provides seamless integration from operation to invoice, ensuring robust management of an often complex procedure. It allows finance departments to reduce their labour intensive processes of invoicing, credit notes and export to ledgers, improving billing response and reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Ian continues: “Automating our processes has enabled our teams to focus on the jobs that they are qualified and employed to do, significantly increasing their efficiencies. Providing management with the information that they need to make informed decisions means that we are now optimising the time of each and every one of our security guards. Through Timegate we can ensure that every shift, every employee and every contract is delivered on time, and to budget”.

Ease of implementation and use. Powerful, yet simple to use technology meant that Timegate was quickly implemented throughout the organisation and the Gough & Kelly workforce was comfortably using, and benefitting from, the new system.

Ian concludes:  “The simplicity of Timegate’s operation meant that staff were very quick to adapt to this new way of working. The training that Innovise provided was very comprehensive and the support team were always on hand when we had any questions about the technology. We are really happy with how Timegate is working out for Gough & Kelly, so much so that we have recently implemented the Timegate Engagement Pack to further enhance our service and customer care”.

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