Microsoft Dynamics CRM

January 1, 2000
Posted in Technicals
January 1, 2000 GraemeH

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for service goes beyond merely resolving customer complaints to empowering your customer care representatives to impress and please your customers.

Servicetrac holds Microsoft Dynamics CRM at its centre. From here, all functions of the product deliver a seamless experience. Audits, audit failures, patrols/beats leading to ad hoc tasks, pre-planned tasks, service items as well as staff inspections, asset inspections, alarm and incident responses come together in a world class user experience.

The simple, logical design of the software allows Servicetrac users to leverage highly functional tools across single or multiple service lines, divisions and functions, even subcontractors, so that delivery to the customer, facility or other parties is cost efficient, of the highest standard and in line with contractual obligations.

Providing your employees with a single tool to deliver responsive, fast customer service, Servicetrac aids a reduction in service response times and improved case resolution. Enabling dynamic routing and queuing to help ensure you hit your service targets Servicetrac empowers teams to move quickly and exceed customer expectation.

Your customers are everywhere and to serve them effectively, that’s where you need to be too. Provide responsive, relevant, effective service, anywhere, any time with Servicetrac.