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Timegate updates have been coming thick and fast so far this year, and further improvements are on their way.  Here is a list of some of the highlights of what is already available.

I am sure you have heard of the General Data Protection Regulations. Timegate helps you manage your compliance and we have made a number of changes across a variety of areas of our software to help you comply with the legislation.

For more details, please see: Innovise Data Protection Took Kit GDPR Principles & Pointers Guide. Contact for more information


Insights is now available.

This provides you with all you need to produce the Business Intelligence you want from your Timegate information (and perhaps other sources), on a self-service basis - with automated, home-made reports & dashboards.

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Updates for Operations
Branch View

We have built a brand-new view for handling your scheduling. The traditional ‘Site Card’, and more recent ‘Site Teams’ options still remain – but we can now offer a ‘Branch View’.

This allows you to join up the scheduling needs of multiple sites within a branch, and at-a-glance determine who is working or available, when and where, and any gaps need to be filled

All the usual Timegate controls and features are available to you to make any changes you need.


Shift Swap

A simple thing – within Branch View and Site Cards, you can now select two shifts and swap the employees around. All the usual checks are performed, but you can do this much more quickly.


Graphical Contract Variance

Timegate has always provided visibility of the difference between your planned or contracted hours and those you actually deliver. We think this is fundamental to keeping your customers happy, and maximising your profitability.

Now, we have created a graphical view of this. Red areas are un-fulfilled work, Blue areas represent work you are doing that isn’t contracted.


Seniority Visibility

If you have a particularly high-profile shift, or a challenging customer to satisfy, we have added the option to view the ‘Seniority’ of an employee when you are trying to fill a shift during ‘Find Suitable Employee’. That way, you can be sure to assign more experienced or capable staff when its necessary


Quick Find Improvements

We’ve extended the options within the global search bar.

You can now use multiple search criteria and filters to find employees.


Employee Qualifications Updates

There has been significant change in the area of employee’s qualifications. Last year, we provided features to automate the handling of the renewal of qualifications. Now, we have enabled some further extensions:

  • Qualification History – when it was created, any periods of invalidity, when it was renewed etc.
  • Qualification Suspend – if a qualification is suspended, the employee will be prevented from being allocated to shifts that require it, and you will be prompted to remove them from already allocated shifts.
  • Qualification Resume – if the suspension is lifted, the employee will be re-assigned to any shifts they were removed from as long as they haven’t already been re-allocated to someone else.
  • Qualification Visibility – if you want them to, employees can now see the status of their qualifications from within the employee portal
Updates for Finance
Pay Premiums

We’ve made many changes to how pay premiums can be applied to shifts, reflecting feedback from our customers of additional flexibility required for their employment contracts:

  • Premium Cap – you can now determine the maximum number of hours or minutes that a premium will be applied over a period. That means, for example, you can state that a premium won’t be paid after 10 hours have been applied during the pay period.
  • Premium Multipliers – For premiums that are paid on an hourly basis, we now provide the option to calculate the value as a simple multiple of the standard rate – this can be applied to both the pay and bill values. You could therefore apply pay at time and a half pay, and bill at double time.
  • Unsociable Hours Changes – Where a shift is performed within times that are considered ‘unsociable’, and a premium payment is invoked, you can now automatically determine if the premium will be added to the whole shift, or just the portion that was unsociable. For instance, if a shift crosses midnight will the whole shift include the premium, or just the work after midnight.


Absence Calculations

There are some new options you can apply for handling your employee’s absences:

  • Weekly Cap for Entitlement Accrual – Where you are calculating the absence entitlements an employee is accruing based upon the hours they have worked, you can now set a cap on the amount that will be applied.
  • Include Paid Absences within Accruals – You have the option now to include paid time off within the hours that contribute to the accrual of entitlements. The option already existed for holiday, but this has been extended to be applied to other types of absence – for instance, if you pay staff for voluntary charity work, these hours can be included within the accrual calculations.
  • Employee Averages – We have made an addition which allows the average hours calculation (that is used to determine the value of sick/holiday pay) to be based upon a number of weeks set at the employee level rather than the system setting.


Employee Engagement Updates

If you have our Timegate engagement pack, you will want to make sure your new employees can get access to it as soon as possible. We’ve provided some options to automate some of this for you.

If an employee has a valid email address, Timegate will automatically perform their activation onto the employee portal. They will be given access to a role you state which will control the functionality they can access – which of course you can subsequently update when you want to give them more.

For instance, a new employee could be auto-activated and only given access to News/Announcements and training documents, with the option to update their contact details – until you are ready to let them access the rest of your functionality.

If you want to, you can choose which branches this will apply to.


That’s it for this update. Timegate is always being updated to keep an eye on us as there is more coming soon…