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June 22, 2016 Innovise
Token Features

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Token Features

Helping drive products and leveraging technical know, Innovise and OCS have successfully partnered to challenge the status quo, raise standards and push new frontiers of delivery. 

“The huge appeal of working with Innovise was the bespoke approach to the actual build of the product.”

OCS is a global leader in outsourced services, principally understood to be facilities management. Servicing on five continents, OCS are recognised for their trusted, transparent and honest approach to business. Family-owned and with more than 115 successful years in business, it is arguably the oldest and largest privately owned service provider on the planet. As an innovator, Innovise and OCS have enjoyed a long standing mutual respect for each other’s talents.

Aviation and OCS. Improving the in-flight experience and ensuring it’s a pleasure to fly, are the staples of OCS’s aircraft turnaround services. Presentation and timeliness are the critical success factors which flow through every thought, every activity and the discipline of the service. Partnering with the world’s leading airlines, OCS have a reputation for excellence which is long earned over 50 years but that could quickly be lost if not taken care of. OCS have selected Servicetrac to help them maintain their reputation.

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