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Quick Fire… with Andy Plant

April 9, 2018
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April 9, 2018 GraemeH

Innovise is a business focused on building market specific, market leading technology. Working closely with our Support Services clients, and with Innovise’s development teams Andy has been central to some of our innovation and is now best placed to discuss our latest development. The new Insights Pack for Timegate represents a new era of Business Intelligence and competitive advantages for our clients so we asked Andy Plant to tell us about this latest addition.

Hi Andy, so tell us a bit more about Timegate’s new Insights pack?

The Insights pack was originally developed to allow our customers to produce their own management Information. A self-service reporting system, Insights enables our clients to build reports and Dashboards on top of the Timegate Data Warehouse.

This means our clients can use Timegate data to better analyse and visualise their performance be that operational, financial or for some other critical need. Timegate users are given increased freedom and flexibility when it comes to accessing live information on the organisation – it is a great addition to the Timegate solution and we are excited to see what people think of it as it rolls out to our client base.

What are the benefits of having the Insights pack?

Our customers know their data better than we do. Insights gives them the freedom to create the reports and Dashboards they need without having to rely on, and wait for Innovise to produce custom intelligence for them; the value in terms of time and money saved are immediate.

The Insights Pack also allows management teams to incorporate data from other systems, thus giving them a platform to create multi-applicational Dashboards and reports – this enables the achievement of a very wide and detailed organisational view. We are making normally very expensive and complex business tools easy to access and cost effective too.

We are pricing this tool for our market place and we know how our clients need this to be priced.

Talk to us about some of the features that customers can expect to see when using Insights

When it comes to features, the Insights pack is pretty exciting, but I am little biased. Developed as a result of customer feedback; what they wanted to be able to do, see, and understand more of, I think that we have developed a great tool for our customers. The list of features is long, but if I were to list the main points these would be:

  1. The insights Pack gives the user the opportunity to produce reports in a variety of difference formats. For example a traditional data grid format could be used or alternatively a selection of graph formats are available. This means the data can be presented to the target audience in the most effective way.
  2. The Insights Pack requires a single sign on from Timegate. This means that as far as the user is concerned, Insights is part of Timegate and they do not need to log onto a separate product. It just appears as a separate Timegate menu option, so super simple to access and operate.
  3. Insights includes user security role management capability. This means that access to the data can be controlled, so that users will only be able to see data that they have permission for. This can also be used to restrict access to read-only or read/write. Cleverly, this doesn’t have to be the same ‘operational’ constraint of Timegate’s main workforce management tool. We have created more ways to slice and dice that data and make our solution more appealing.
  4. Data model management is another feature of the Insights pack. This is the ability to be able to augment the Timegate data with data from other sources, thus giving the users the ability to build reports and Dashboards based on a variety of data streams. Being able to pull in other systems and data streams is really very cool.
  5. With Insights you can group reports or Dashboards by category as you see fit e.g. finance reports, finance Dashboards, operational reports etc.
  6. Template reports are also a feature within Insights, which is a huge time-saver. Users don’t have to mess about creating every report from scratch. So its fast and easy to get to grips with if you are not an IT person first and foremost.
  7. Export and schedule reports are sent via email. Exports allows the data in a Dashboard or a report to be saved in a different format e.g. PDF, Excel or Word. Email will automatically send the report to designated people groups, speeding up the process and keeping communications consistent.
  8. Finally, the Insights Pack is hosted within Azure. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service. Being in Azure means that the Insights Data Warehouse system is not on the same platform as the live Timegate system. For our customers who do lots of reporting and analysis currently, this is good news as they can get enhanced performance across operations whilst the business’s data and intelligence consumers can get all of the extra information and insight they want.

So, what do people think of the new Pack so far?

We have had a great response back so far. As with all pilots, we keep our feedback group quite small but we expect the success to continue as it goes on general release.

Where can people find out more about Timegate and the Insights pack?

Of course, everything you need around the Timegate solution will be on the Innovise website. For specific information on Insights, I would recommend they speak to the Account Manager to begin with, and from there we can introduce them to our new Pack with demonstrations and discussions.

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