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FM Cloud
Innovise don’t recommend any devices for client use, principally because every customer’s needs are different. That said, we do spot similar needs amongst our clients so have looked to source a device that may help you.
What is it and why do I need it?
Innovise Software and FaceID Biometrics have announced a channel partnership to add cutting-edge face recognition technology to Innovise’s biometric portfolio.
Innovise's private Cloud supports our SaaS which we host in our data centres. Where we don't use our data centres to deliver you a service (for example, our disaster recovery) this is in Microsoft Azure.
The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is thrown around a lot and many will rightly assume that it’s all much the same. It’s not. Tailored solutions work better than generic ones. Innovise have purpose built our FM Cloud to optimise performance for our applications and the service you need.