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Secrets of Servicetrac

July 12, 2018
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July 12, 2018 GraemeH

Servicetrac is continually evolving to bring Facilities Management clients the very best returns on their investment, for added productivity, cost savings and improved customer engagement.

At Innovise, we release an updated version of Servicetrac each quarter, and because time moves so quickly, not everybody knows about the valuable functionality Servicetrac offers.

Here we highlight the Top Secrets of Servicetrac:

Integrated Helpdesk

Servicetrac’s Soft Services Helpdesk is embedded within its design and works seamlessly alongside audit activities for a completely auditable journey from finding an issue, to fixing an issue.

Upon completing an audit, the Servicetrac Helpdesk functionality automatically raises a task for each failure that is found, and allocates it to the right team with the right SLA. This provides Facilities Management organisations with the confidence that each fault or failure is captured, tracked and visible to all until its resolution.

In cases where you haven’t provided all teams with access to Servicetrac, this doesn’t cause issues monitoring your SLAs. External teams can be allocated a case by phone or email, so you can track and trace the entire process through to conclusion, whether inside or outside the SLAs.

Ad Hoc Audits

Sometimes audits are not associated to any particular pattern, schedule or occurrence. Sometimes, they need to be completed when incidents occur or when the opportunity presents itself to complete an audit.

By providing users the ability to complete audits ad hoc, without any pre-defined schedule or pattern, Servicetrac customers can now capture more information than ever before.

After-Audit Questions

Collecting additional opinions or observations after an audit is the perfect opportunity to collect additional data from client sites, without impacting the audit score itself. Using Servicetrac’s post-audit questions, users can collect additional site, client or employee information.

For example, clients can use Servicetrac to perform a client satisfaction survey, to ask employee training questions or to measure the quality of service for non-contracted work after an audit takes place on site. Each of these scenarios bring significant value to the wider business, making Servicetrac more than just a simple auditing tool.

Multi-Signature Capture

Upon completing an inspection on a tablet or mobile device, Servicetrac often collects the signature of the user who is completing the necessary checks on site.

Unknown to some, Servicetrac provides the ability to collect additional signatures from clients, colleagues, employees or members of the public, to provide evidence to the contract or proof of presence at a location.

Triggered and Scheduled Reports

Servicetrac contains a comprehensive suite of operational and management reports, developed specifically for the management of Facilities Management contracts. Clearly showing audit and task results along with the notes and photographic evidence captured, reports can now be sent upon completion of an audit or task being completed (triggered) or scheduled to email to internal colleagues or external clients on a particular day, week or month.

Varied Answer Types

In addition to the standard scoring answers as part of a question set, Servicetrac can capture additional answers for scenarios where a score as an answer isn’t necessarily the best solution.

Able to collect numbers, dates, short text and long text answers as part of surveys, Servicetrac can be used for many more use-cases for collecting data in the field, and translating it into powerful management information.

Self-Configured Dashboards

Servicetrac surfaces information in a straightforward and easy to understand way, using Dashboards. From trend reports across services, highest and lowest scoring locations and most common failure reasons, Servicetrac provides Facilities Management organisations with a valuable insight into their operational performance.

In addition to this, administrator users can use the imbedded search functionality to set different views in the system, and then provide additional dashboards to users for greater operational MI. Ideal for contract or regional territory views, the self-configured dashboards are ideal for Facilities Management customers who want to get a closer view of their business.

Audit Schedule Options

For most clients, scheduling audits is an effective way to manage resources across their business. However, not all clients are aware of the variety of scheduling options available.

By using different audit schedules for different scenarios, clients can get the very best from Servicetrac to manage resources and improve their service visibility. Creating schedules such as monthly periods for monthly visits, 14-day schedules for every fortnight visits, or day-specific manual schedules, Servicetrac gives Facilities Management clients the power to match their requirements exactly to what has been agreed with client contracts.

Random Audits

In complex FM contracts, or for where a sample of audits are required, Servicetrac users can implement random audits for contracts and users. Whether the requirement is ‘true mathematical’ random, or call-off random, Servicetrac can be configured to service either type for different sites and contracts.

Servicetrac is used by leading support service provides to monitor and maintain high standards across their Facilities Management contracts.