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Ensuring 100% of the work you do gets billed on-time, every-time

Contract Management pack

Contract Management Pack is the perfect compliment to complex delivery structures where it is very challenging to manage billable and non-billable work. Best suited to 'Patrol, Monitor & Reponse' and other transaction heavy service lines Servicetrac enables Service Desks and Control rooms to quickly identify chargeable, ad-hoc work as distinct from service-included deliverables so every job, every tasks is correctly accounted for an managed effectively. Rapid, controlled service delivery is not only essential in a service world, but it's sometimes vital to both your clients business and your own. 

Contract Management Pack must be seen to be appreciated fully.  

Why this pack really helps
SLA Management

Effective management, control & visibility for contracts

Ad-hoc controls

Protection from margin erosion & over-delivery visibility


Controlled, efficient & accurate invoicing for your business

No more wasted delivery

When a provider of services over delivers, they are clearly exceeding expectations, but only when this is visibile. As a profession that is often hidden, over delivery usually represent effort that cannot subsequently be billed but does not come without the cost of delivery. Sometimes its because it's often better to over deliver than under deliver because under delivery is usually very visible and one the clients will identify quickly.

The key to delivering support services is protecting yourself from over delivery and under delivery.  Servicetrac helps you control this exposure and gives you the means to ensufe you always know what is in scope and what is not, protecting you from wasted effort or breaking your promises.

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