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Innovise recommend Software as a Service (or SaaS as it is more commonly known) when using our products.

What is SaaS?

It is a distribution model in which we make Timegate available to you over the worldwide web, without you having to buy servers, phone lines or other such hardware. We take care of all the hardware, the software, the connectivity, the phone lines, the management of security, patching, upgrading and everything else that we can. You simply use it. With some of the biometric solutions, we can even rent the hardware to you too. Although there are many benefits associated with SaaS, there are many myths too. We wanted to address the common concerns here. 

The Cloud is less secure. Data security is not reduced and can be increased after adopting a cloud based service. Innovise use ISO27001 Data centres to look after your data. We can also burst out into Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud if you need us to.

Fear of increased costs. Many companies fear escalating costs when it comes to SaaS, however, it was found that 64% of organisations reduced waste and energy consumption after investing in SaaS, with 73% reporting a reduction in IT costs.

SaaS is unreliable with increased outages. Providing backup connections to IP, power and communications, we enable our clients to have the benefits of the kind of resilience that might not be economical for them to procure independently. Ensuring that we have the best options available, we have worked hard to ensure that your success is never compromised. Compare this to your own business and network failures. Our SaaS applications can be accessed from outside the network in the case of an outage. All you need is Wi-Fi or a web enabled device.  

SaaS is only for small companies. Larger businesses are realising the benefits of connecting their employees across the globe. Many of our largest clients use our SaaS delivery. It is optimised for their needs and offers better delivery than many can realise themselves.

You lose ownership of your data. You own your data, not Innovise. We simply store it somewhere for you. Think of it like off-site data storage. We just provide it in a digital world. Innovise have years of experience providing our Software as a Service to our clients. We have optimised our environments for the sorts of business our clients operate. That means we do things that are right for FM organisations and the different demands that they have. We maintain resilience to the highest levels and offer our clients peace of mind when considering how to acquire and utilise our products.