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Seven New Ways We Make Your Life Easier

August 17, 2018
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August 17, 2018 GraemeH

You’re a busy person, and here at Innovise we’ve been busy too, improving our products to take the workload off you.

In the latest revision of Timegate, the world-leading workforce management package for service providers, we’ve identified and implemented seven significant improvements to make life easier for you and your team:

      1. For your convenience, we’ve added function role maintenance to the web client — this means you no longer need to access the desktop client to maintain function roles. This will make this task quicker and easier;
      2. To give you more visibility, diary events can now be automatically created when a help desk/portal task is rejected. For example if you reject an employee’s request for a day off, and they fail to turn up for work that day, a manager can then see they had a vacation request rejected for that day. Knowledge is power!
      3. We’ve redesigned the portal document maintenance page, making it easier to use and adding some handy new features:
          • You can now upload videos to the media store and publish them on the employee portal;
          • You can target portal documents to specific audiences, rather than making them available to all employees;
          • You can also pin mandatory documents in the employee portal, and record that an employee has opened a document and require the employee to confirm they have viewed the document;
      4. In the employee diary, monthly and weekly diaries have been replaced with a single diary option – from there, you choose the view you want. And we’ve added more views to give you the information you need, right at your fingertips;
      5. We’ve also overhauled our profiles, setting and bands for overtime, giving you the flexibility you need to specify exactly what you want to do.;
      6. Want to use facial recognition? Now you can, as Timegate now supports FaceID units as a Time and Attendance (T&A) capture method. We’ve also made our T&A monitor easier to use;
      7. And you can now configure Timegate to automatically send an employee an alert on the imminent expiry of a qualification.

If you’ve noticed a theme here, it’s not by accident. These changes are all about making your job easier, quicker and more effective.

And we do this every quarter, because we understand that innovation is an incremental process. It’s what the Japanese call Kaizen – continuous improvement, often driven by suggestions from you, the people who use our products.

We innovate all the time, but in areas where we have the expertise and a proven track-record of adding value and succeeding.

Thirty years of this process has made Timegate what it is today, and sets it apart from the competition.

This means that with Timegate, you’re not just buying the best tool for the job today, but you’re also buying all that it will become in the future. That keeps you ahead of the game.

Call it peace-of-mind.