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February 4, 2016 Innovise

Co-ordinating services within a large setting to save precious time in the deployment of the portering team.

The co-ordination of services within premises of this size was always going to be a challenge and it fell to Assistant Security Portering Manager, Mike Henson, to find a way in which precious time could be saved in the deployment of the portering team.

“Miles of ward meant that the fifty-eight strong team of porters were routinely walking long distances to provide assistance to patients and nurses.  This took a lot of time and often caused a lot of frustration from both the waiting staff and patients. The inability to receive instruction whilst away from the centralised base within the hospital was a major factor behind the vast amounts of time that was being wasted”.

For years the hospital had relied upon pen and paper data collection and communication was achieved by telephones between wards. On a daily basis, portering tasks were carried out without effective co-ordination, which was failing to maximise the time that each porter was on duty. Something needed to be done to improve the way of working.

4166 working hours each year saved through the use of effective online management systems

Product Supplied. Portertrac is the leading Portering Management Software solution and is used by over 70 hospitals throughout the UK to enable portering departments to be managed efficiently.

The provision of an industry renowned and client moulded service, sealed the decision to invite Innovise to install their Portertrac system at the University Hospital of Wales.

Adequately demonstrating that Innovise were the organisation best able to deliver a solution that matched the requirements of the hospital, the initial concerns about how a new computerised system would be implemented and accepted within a traditional hospital environment were soon forgotten.

“Staff are more mobile and able to respond to requests for aid much quicker, which provides a better service for the patients and a more fluid way of working for the staff.”

The Result. Innovise successfully achieved the practical implementation of the Portertrac system. In a matter of days, Mike saw the epic transition from the time honoured pen and paper system transfer to a more modern way of working:

“The flexible and customer driven ethos offered by the Innovise team enabled all of the many staff that work within the hospital to quickly become familiar with the new technology. The most daunted of us found it fairly painless to adapt to the new system. On-site training and the availability of a 24-hour helpline facility has given us the confidence and belief to reinvent the way that we operate here at the hospital. We are now much quicker off the mark and able to get the very most out of the time that a porter is on duty for”.

Portertrac allocates tasks effectively and in real-time to insure that portering staff are utilised effectively. Through the multitone system, information can be transmitted to handheld systems via text, giving written details of the next activity directly to the most relevantly located porter.

Further to the Portertrac system being installed, mobility and flexibility of staff – one of the biggest challenges to the hospital – has been successfully achieved. Mike tells of how things have changed from the days when much time was wasted as a result of staff being reliant on a ‘base’ within the hospital.

“Our porters now base themselves strategically around the hospital, rather than being confined to a room that may be a long way from where the assistance is needed. This results in a much quicker response time. Further to the Portertrac system being introduced, we now have a more streamlined and effective way of working. Staff are more mobile and able to respond to requests for aid much quicker, which provides a better service for the patients and a more fluid way of working for the staff”.

2800 extra hours per year saved by nurses no longer following up portering requests

Further to the installation of Portertrac the hospital has been able to better utilise hours of precious time. Through the effective online management system, the hospital has saved an average of 4166 working hours each year. As well as improving the efficiency of the portering team, nurses in the wards are now also able to invest an extra 2800 hours per year to dealing with their patients rather than following-up a portering request. A more effective and efficient portering team now provides an additional 1400 hours in the delivery of services to the hospital and the patients. A better use of time means that everybody benefits from the new and improved way of working.

Now one of the largest hospitals in the country to use the Portertrac system, The University Hospital of Wales has drawn a lot of attention from other trusts based around the UK. Mike frequently provides demonstrations of the system and offers tours around the hospital to allow colleagues to see how the Portertrac system has revolutionised the way in which a busy hospital co-ordinates its staff to optimum effect.

The benefits.

  • Quicker responses
  • Optimisation of staff time
  • Easily accessible technology
  • Greater information sharing
  • The ongoing monitoring of service standards
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