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The vital case for employee engagement

September 23, 2017
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September 23, 2017 GraemeH

How important is an engaged workforce? It’s estimated that a ‘disengaged’ workforce costs the U.S. economy around $450 billion a year.1 Whereas, an engaged workforce can outperform the competition. They will be more productive, be more willing to collaborate, and take on challenging roles with a more positive attitude. A vital sign of success in businesses which provide support services.

  • Only 32% of employees in the United States are engaged — meaning they’re ‘involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace’1
  • 50.8% (the majority) of employees were ‘not engaged’1
  • 17.2% were ‘actively disengaged’1

As companies look to see how they can improve employee engagement, they are increasingly turning to workforce management solutions such as Timegate. This is becoming even more relevant as the jobs market opens up with more than half of U.S. employees (51%)2 searching for new jobs or at least watching for openings.

Here are three key actions that will impact positively on employee engagement:

  1. Provide anywhere, anytime access
    Employee engagement increases when workers have choices over where they work, when they work, how they work and what they work on.With Timegate, your workforce can use the online portal to request uniforms, submit vacation and time off requests, make pay or general queries or read up on resources that are useful to them such as news, announcements, instructions and manuals – at any time of the day or night from any device – making life easier and more convenient. Timegate gives your workforce access to the things they need regularly and that are important to them such as personnel files and work schedules from a web browser or from one of our apps.From their personal device, your workers can access Timegate securely using their own login. This not only eliminates requests to your back-office team and allows them to focus on high-value activities they should be doing, empowering your employees and giving them a better and more fulfilling use of time during their working life.
  2. Automate manual tasks and create a happy workforce. Highly popular with employees is the elimination of time-consuming manual tasks, be that too many steps or a process that takes too long. The more automated processes you can introduce, you offer a better experience for your employees and the happier they will be. That’s why we continually work with our customers to develop new features that make Timegate even more employee-friendly.Quick, easy-to-action self-service requests generate considerable time and costs savings. From your employee’s point of view, this increases job satisfaction as it removes so many of the monotonous, admin-related tasks that take up too much of their time. Invariably they will make holiday requests during work time so instead, if you improve the process and the time it takes, they can focus on the job they’ve been employed to do.The same goes for assignment or site instructions. Affecting guarding employees more than most, they can access their work schedules and immediately read instructions about a particular client or task. This restores them providing a service rather than being distracted by cumbersome and unnecessary administrative tasks.
  3. Communication is a two-way street. The opportunity to connect with colleagues and managers and easily adjust schedules gives employees a feeling of control over their working day and makes them more engaged – especially when they work remotely from their employer.It’s estimated that Timegate’s two-way communication functionality saves companies 85% of the manual processes fulfilling posts and shifts. The two-way messaging feature removes the need for phone calls to find out employees’ availability or appetite for overtime and extra work. The same technology is also used to follow up queries around pay, holiday allowance and whatever else you might want to talk to them about. Messages can be sent to individuals or select groups based on your requirements.Giving your workers the ability to upload their availability and check for work, an enhanced benefit leveraging two-way communication between managers and employees gives both employer and employee a high value relationship with each other. And it enables a remote workforce, located in a client’s premises, to feel more connected to the company that employs them.

The Result?

By concentrating on these three areas, you will see a marked increase in employee engagement – which in turn will translate into increased productivity and a higher level of customer satisfaction based on improved delivery. And who doesn’t need that?

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