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Time to Book that Vacation!

February 11, 2019
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February 11, 2019 GraemeH

December feels like a long time behind us, and undoubtedly was a busy month for many people; end-of-year work deadlines, family demands and and new year with opportunity looming.

An interesting fact not many know though, is January is increasingly busy but for different reasons. Did you notice this?

According to recent data from the global travel search site Skyscanner, January has now become the most popular month for travel searches and click-throughs to airlines.[i] The first quarter has always been busy for all kinds of holiday bookings; the post-Christmas lull, the awakening to new holiday balances being available all playing a contributing factor. So you lurch from one busy period to another.

In the old days, this is where things would get complicated; staff would have to check their vacation entitlement with Human Resources, fill in a request form, get it signed by the boss, then wait for final confirmation, and hope that in the meantime the paperwork, and the specific holiday opportunity, had not been lost. How stressful!

And nowadays, how unnecessary! With the right tools, the whole process can now be managed and approved online with a minimum of fuss and time wasting.

Do it the easy way

Using Timegate, the world-leading workforce management package from Innovise, staff can immediately see how many days they are entitled to, and make vacation requests instantly, all from a handy app on their smartphones. Supervisors can see immediately if there are any overlapping vacations, check if they can cover the absence, and decide whether to approve the request. It couldn’t be simpler.

Decisions are made more quickly, forms don’t go astray, and confidential data stays where it belongs, within the system. Your company runs more efficiently, and your staff are not left in limbo waiting for a decision. Everyone benefits.

This is how today’s providers of support services handle vacations, and it evolved from us listening to our customers and giving them the help they need to be the winners in a competitive environment.

You owe it to yourself, your staff and your customers to implement the best, most efficient systems in your industry, because that’s how to retain the staff you need to deliver top-class service.

Don’t get stuck with outmoded systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Use the right technology to make life easier for everyone.

Then treat yourself to a little time off!

[i] Skyscanner. 23rd July, 2018. Travel Trends: Insights from the first half of 2018. Available at: [Accessed 7th December 2018].