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Processing millions of business critical transactions every day

Timegate - The World's Leading Workforce Management for Service Providers

Timegate is purpose built for soft services providers, especially those with a bias towards Guarding and Cleaning services. Over 30 years the product has been honed to help organisations like yours operate more efficiently, lowering risks and costs. Timegate understands the dynamic you have with your customers (and contracts) and your employees. 

Highly configurable, with contract management at its heart, Timegate provides the business-critical information, at the right time to help you operate efficiently, with reduced risks and a more productive workforce.

Timegate is both scalable and affordable. The basic system allows you to start simple and then you plug in packs as your demands grow. 

Timegate Essentials

Starts with the Essentials...

Timegate starts with our Essential Pack. It is the foundation for effectively managing workforce. Information about your clients, your employees and their locations; the schedules, rosters, plans that combine them to help you map delivery of both your contractual and financial performance.

It also includes access to the Time & Attendance tools and services you need to prove you keep your promises, and then the Dashboards and Reporting for the analysis you would expect to make from a Workforce Management Solution.

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Each business is different but with configurations to suit the subtle but different demands of each, Timegate can help you achieve your best. Let us show you how.

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