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Engagement Pack reduces time & motion and delivers necessary productivity

Engagement Pack

Engagement Pack helps you increase the productivity.

By intelligently automating processes, ripping out wasted time and motion you will also drive up employee satisfaction. Your business is capable of dramatically enhancing employee services such as vacation/holiday requests and pay queries which in turn will save your back office team equal, if not greater effort achieving employee satisfaction for all. Access to increased and highly relevant information when it's wanted or needed, as well as rapid self service where it matters translates in to happier employees, better employee retention, reduced effort hiring, on-boarding and training. All of this will lead to improved service delivery. 

Engagement pack represents phenominal value for services providers who traditionally find it challenging to engage employees and drive strategic messaging, share ideas or otherwise enable their teams to feel part of the business they work for. 

More than just a portal
HR Tasks

Intelligent automation of process, drives safe and secure efficency. 

Employee Self-Service

Powerful self-service for employees

Event Management

Effective Planning, Analysis & Delivery of complex events

Job Market

Better utilisation, retention and value reduces cost & risk 

News & Documents

Information & documentation to the right people at the right time.

Engagement = Productivity

Timegate’s Engagement Pack is to help you empower and engage your employees. By driving up Engagement you will successfully increase productivity. 

As well as providing your employees with access to valuable self-service activities, a job market and resources, the Engagement Pack is equipped with automation and workflow. This workflow will save you time both on task and off task removing both wasted effort and frustration for all involved. 

Of course, this means better data too. Real–time visibility of information which flows through the business means you know more, see more and make better decisions.

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