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Reducing the risk associated with error prone, business critical calculations

Driving control & accuracy in to Pay and Bill

Precision around paid and unpaid absences be they vacation, maternity and paternity pay, peronal development time, jury duty or any other type of absence from regular working times and days, a gross payroll can only be calculated if your pay rules and completely integrated to you workforce management system. Once you have systematic control of data, and you have removed human error and any data security issues, you will likely require integration of third party systems. Finance Pack is often used to integrate to payroll systems, ERPs and Human Resources platforms and ensure safe, secure and rapid transport of information to where it is needed when it is needed. 

Finance Pack offers you control, accuracy and peace of mind around your workforce management data. 

The operational toolkit for finance

Integrate, automate touchpoints between systems to remove error & risk. 

Salary Sacrifice

A rich and systematic compliance tool to keep you safe & secure.

Managing Absence

Control and automation of planned & unplanned absence costs


Transformation of complex billing process to compliment interfaces

Advanced financial controls

Timegate’s Finance Pack can introduce new levels of business maturity for you and your teams. Out-of-the-box key functions include invoicing, crediting, 1/12th billing, ad hoc duty billing as well as other chargeable billing. With a little customisation or more complicated configuration, the module can be used to handle more complex routines and demands.

As with all Timegate Packs, the Finance Pack is designed to help you control costs, drive procedural efficiency and remove manual manipulation and human error. Being innate with Timegate, it will also give you the real-time advantage that most interfaced solutions cannot.

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