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Reducing risk, increasing recruitment productivity by 140%

Recruitment Pack

The Recruitment pack sets the standard in productivity of onboarding employees. If you are seeking to achieve better compliance, or perhaps just lower the costs and or the risk associated with traditional recruitment and on-boarding of personnel, then Recruitment pack is for you. 

From applicant to candidate stage Recruitment pack uses technology to streamline the process, filtering out and feeding back to those applying if they are not meeting the requirements. This can filer out most applications meaning your Recruitment function are only spending effort on potential employees. As the candidate journey continues, highly efficient, ultra-lean processes help you quickly determine success and do all of the necessary checks without error, unnecessary cost or delay.  

Recruitment pack is essential for a busy and often geographically disparate Recruitment function.

The key to successful recruitment
Application Forms

Integrated & automated forms fully controlled from within Timegate

Vetting & Screening

Systematic processes, standards compliance and vetting management


Slick & efficient workflow & workload balancing for expert recruitment 


Removes errors & reduces risks whilst increasing productivity 


Effective, efficient recruitment

Ensuring that your hiring process is 100% compliant is a business critical consideration. 

Timegate’s Recruitment Pack is designed to automate the application, vetting and ongoing compliance – it’s designed to drive peace of mind for management.

Whether you operate in regulated and/or unregulated environments, you have to develop mechanisms to protect your operation. Efficient and compliant procedures that do not hinder are business critical. Our Recruitment Pack, powered by PASS, offers you an industry-honed answer to these challenges and one that is purpose built for your needs.


Compliance with hiring 


of time saved against 
BS7858:2012 when
you use Recuitment


£292 saved per Guard
processed for Hiring
(See footnote)

* Assumes Screener or Recruitment Employers costs of £30,000 per annum completing typical five BS7858 5 year checks versus twelve files that can be completed with Timegate Recruitment Pack. This is a 140% productivity gain per employee if you use intelligent automation such as Recruitment Pack. What this means to you is you do not have to scale your Vetting teams as your business grows but can use your existing team to meet demand. 

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