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Efficient candidate management

The Recruitment Pack integrates your application directly into the on-boarding process. More than simply improving your green credentials, clever utilisation of technology and design enables our Recruitment Pack to deliver significant return on investment in the application process.

Designed to have the look and feel of your organisation's website, Timegate’s online application documentation slots seamlessly into your corporate branding. Real-time form management means that when your application form needs to change, you simply publish your new requirements. Applications from then on, as well as those mid-process, will be updated to suit the new questions, logos or whatever else you decide needs to be changed. No more recalls, reprinting and reissuing. 

Process Automation

More important than better control of the forms themselves, our application form is tightly engineered with process automation in mind.

Allowing candidates to complete application documentation online via mobile phone or computer in one go, or over a period of time, details are securely saved, stored and collated, ready for review by management teams upon completion, as long as the candidate has completed the application. Timegate’s intelligent software then filters candidate information to present management teams with a list of only the most suitable people for interview and cuts out 80% of the processing time at a stroke.