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Defining the hiring process and safeguards to protect your organisation from any risk, Timegate’s Recruitment Pack systematically manages and delivers against the process, standards and rules for recruitment. Delivering a transparent procedure, the progress of which can be viewed at any time, Timegate ensures that the correct checks are made, double-entry is eliminated and that relevant references are verified.

Rules-based design

Process automation and assured compliance are the two key advantages of the Recruitment Pack. From the initial application stage, where submitted forms found to be incomplete or to contain disqualified data are automatically filtered out, through to workbench design and the vetting and on-boarding process, Timegate’s Recruitment Pack ROI is measured in substantial time, labour and cost savings.

Clients often report that 4 out of 5 forms are rejected at least once before HR or the vetting team need to touch them, saving considerable manual process to review, reject and notify candidates. The application forms that arrive are vetting files that meet the required standard and can then be effectively processed using some of most efficient, factory like productivity tools available. Using Timegate's Recruitment Pack, productivity of vetting teams will often increase by 140%.   

Workbench work flow

Timegate’s workbench functionality drives industrial efficiency into the process of chasing references, qualification updates, certifications and licensing expiry.

Tracking, flagging and queuing the workloads with the appropriate teams, Timegate will reduce the chances that employees and their attributes will fall through the gaps and leave you exposed.

The industrial design means Recruitment Pack will rip time out of your back-office commitments and give your teams extra capacity to perform their other duties, or alternatively, they will be able to simply process more for your organisation.


With Credit Reference Agencies - Able to integrate with multiple agencies, including credit agencies, Timegate’s Recruitment Pack can send and receive checks within 30 seconds – without the user having to re-key, re-enter or re-check any information about a candidate.

With your office tools - If your references don't come through our Reference forms, you can automate and remove any initial human intervention; Timegate’s Recruitment Pack is able to scan and recognise characters on a reference leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and email attachments. The functionality will then suggest what type of reference it is and to which candidate it should be assigned to. The user can then approve or amend who the reference should be allocated to with just a few mouse clicks.

With other data providers - Interfaces are a standard part of Enterprise architecture. Timegate is used to integrate with additional HR Products, Industry qualification bodies and solutions which store data about your employees or potential applicants. 

The solution is all about removing the unecessary burden and errors of cross keying and re-entering data, securing its transmission and keeping your business safe and efficient.