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An intelligent compliance engine

Timegate works to make sure that only the most suitable candidates progress through to the final stages of recruitment. Screening clients against regulatory requirements as well as the standards set for the particular role, Timegate instinctively filters applications, eliminating those candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.

Data protection

Keeping confidential and data-protected information secure, Timegate will hide information away from users that are not authorised to view it. Providing your organisation with a reliable recruitment process, Timegate keeps your operation compliant and your candidate’s information safe.

Qualification and Expiry Management

As qualifications, licenses and visas expire, Timegate’s Expiry Workbench regulates and flags which elements are due to finish and when, enabling action to be taken. Keeping your organisation up to date with vital checks and paperwork, Timegate keeps you and your employees legally compliant and ready for work.