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Flexible, Reliable Time & Attendance

Essential Timegate offers Time & Attendance functionality to your organisation, to strip out the costs associated with manual processes for time-sheeting and processing. Collecting hours and costs, Time & Attendance from Timegate is a very simple first step and is instrumental in keeping you business competitive.

As every contract will be different, Timegate is able to provide you with a range of cost effective options. Whilst we have made the technology both easy to use, we have also developed ideas and techniques to help you eliminate fraudulent activity such as buddy punching, faking GPS or a biometric signature. Our customers like the peace of mind we can provide.

Timegate’s Time & Attendance data collection options include:, Timegate's telephony solution can include:

Enhanced Caller Line identification. Timegate can see through more numbers than almost any other solution meaning you get better accuracy.
Customised voice prompts so you can tailor what your employees hear when they dial in
Voicemail for them to leave you messages, and for you to leave them some too
Duress alarms, so they can tell you something is wrong whilst also being discreet
Caller challenge features; programmable and random assessments of employees, requiring them to validate elements of their ID against the HR file trapping potential fraudsters.
Control room or Service Centre call forwarding for employees who forget their codes and security answers
Automated Employee chasing so Timegate can do the calls your Control Room or Service Centre staff would to meaning you only need to call those who don’t even respond to being automatically chased

You can identify your employees using the latest biometric technology

Capturing accurate labour data can be more than replacing timesheets and Excel simple time and attendance features. Sometimes it is necessary to identify employees by their biometric signatures and patterns so you can avoid ‘buddy punching’ and other misleading activity. Common biometric tools will allow you to identify (as opposed to verify) an individual by:

Finger print readers will read a number of points on your finger and turn that in to a unique identifier for you.

Finger Vein pattern readers work like Finger print readers but use vein patterns inside your finger instead.

Facial Recognition uses 3 dimension facial geometry to idenifty you. It does not match individuals to photos.

Biometrics are a feature of everyday life now, from securely accessing a smartphone or PC, or going through a Border control, through to using your thumb to unlock your bike or to access the gym. For more information on Biometrics, please go to our Resources section

Timegate comes with great Apps too

For those who want ‘an app for that’ Timegate comes with a ready-made and ready-integrated app. Depending on which Packs you select you can expand the functionality of the App, as well as customise the app from within Timegate and make this the way employees can access all kinds of operational and HR features. Timegates Apps can be downloaded from the various App stores

You can mix and match your Time and Attendance data capture methods to suit your requirements

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Live Data

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