February 3, 2016 Innovise

Improving operational efficiencies, building a strong internal brand, connecting employees and improving customer service with Timegate.

Total Security Services (TSS) is a leading UK security services provider, which employs over 4,000 people and operates from a network of regional offices. The growth of the business meant that Total was outgrowing its paper-based employee communication process and needed to find an efficient and effective solution. Each regional office operated independently, with different ways of processing employee queries, and communication between locations was limited. Total wanted a solution which would improve operational efficiencies, build a strong internal brand, connect employees and improve customer service. It also needed to enable engagement with employees both centrally and remotely.

5000 employees and fast outgrowing the company’s paper-based employee communication process

Driving Engagement. Innovise Software worked closely with Total Security Services to understand their requirements and to enhance and implement the Timegate Engagement Pack.

Total already new that their employees were critical to their success. They had projected an early return on investment for the business and were determined to drive the benefits for the employees. As part of a wider strategic initiative, Total’s aspirations for the new Employee Portal was an opportunity to educate employees on the changes being made, improve engagement and strengthen the company culture.

Improved employee communication, engagement and organisational culture. Providing fast and flexible access to real-time information, the Engagement Pack provides transparency for TSS’ employees. Tailored to the specific needs of the company, the level of information that is shared with employees is defined by the organisation, ensuring that all users can focus on what is important and relevant to their job or contract. They keep connected to the business by reading the latest news, documents and announcements on their mobile device, laptop or tablet, wherever they are.

“Our partnership with Innovise has helped us improve customer service and employee productivity, increase back-office efficiency, and improve employee engagement.”

Improved customer service and operational efficiency. Raj Chadha, IT Director, at Total Security Services expands: “TSS is committed to continual investment in technology to enable a consistently high quality of service to our customers, and to ensure the safety and camaraderie of our staff. We were keen to find a software solution that would support more streamlined communication and ultimately enable us to make time and cost savings across the company. Timegate from Innovise was already helping us deliver a better, transparent service, so the adoption of the Engagement Pack was the natural next step in achieving our objectives.”

Increased back-office efficiencies and process control. Employees also benefit from having visibility of their diary and site details and can make pay queries and request holiday with ease. Time is saved and back-office efficiency improved, with employees able to self-serve and make themselves available to work, or request to work any free shifts. Raj concludes: “Openness and transparency are key to the TSS way of working. Our partnership with Innovise has helped us improve customer service and employee productivity, increase back-office efficiency, and improve employee engagement.”

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