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February 4, 2016 Innovise

Enabling the effective management and co-ordination of portering teams at Lincoln County Hospital.

Lincoln County Hospital required a portering solution that could not only be implemented easily into a traditional setting, but that could be used remotely and over a large, dispersed area.

Lincolnshire had traditionally approached portering like many other NHS trusts. A central point for porters to meet or congregate. A control room for portering tasks to be received, and a phone call through to the porter meeting point to issue tasks. This had many failings and Lincoln County Hospital decided that there was a need to change this process in the interests of staff and patients alike.

Portertrac, the leading Portering helpdesk solution in the UK, was the solution offered to the trust by Innovise. Harnessing technologies to increase productivity and improve service quality, Portertrac proved to be the ideal tool for the hospital.

“Portertrac allows us to offer a faster, more efficient service to the patients and staff at the hospital.”

The result. Used by over 70 hospitals throughout the UK, Portertrac is the leading Portering Management Software solution. Specifically designed to enable the effective management and co-ordination of portering teams, Portertrac is industry renowned for its ability to target and resolve inefficient portering issues.

Chosen as a solution for one of the hospital sites included within the Trust, Portertrac provided the co-ordination and management solution that Lincoln County Hospital required. John Wilson was involved in the selection and appointment of Innovise to provide the hospital with a complete portering management solution and is pleased with way in which Innovise has improved the running of the hospital:

“I have worked at Lincoln County Hospital for many years and in all of that time, the co-ordination and management of portering tasks has always been done manually. The thought of changing from the tried and tested ‘pen and paper’ method was a daunting one. Nevertheless, we knew that in order for us to proactively improve the service that we were offering to Lincolnshire, we had to move into a more accurate and modern way of working. Having carefully selected Innovise as the company to upgrade our methodologies, we were confident that a new way of working could be implemented fairly painlessly. We were right. Within a few weeks, staff had been trained and a new system had been set-up within one of our sites. The paper-based way of working is now a thing of the past.”

“Porters are now strategically located around the hospital to allow us to respond to a request for help in minimal time.”

Providing a complete audit trail of duty performance, Portertrac enables staff within the hospital to provide absolute verification that a specific task has been carried out. Lincoln County Hospital has found that the arrival of the new system has allowed them to make optimum use of the staff that are on duty at any one time. Eliminating the need for porters to return to one centralised point to receive their duty, Portertrac allows staff to be mobile through handheld patrol devices.

John continues: “The handheld devices supplied with this new system mean that we are no longer tied to a central control room. Porters are now strategically located around the hospital to allow us to respond to a request for help in minimal time. Portertrac allows us to offer a faster, more efficient service to the patients and staff at the hospital.”

Portertrac not only saves time, money and reduces the burden on Portering staff, but also gives suites of management information to help hospitals make more informed choices in the course of their operation.

The Benefits 

  • Accurate ‘real-time’ monitoring
  • Precise planning tool
  • Lower portering costs
  • Reliable and mobile communications
  • Optimisation of staff time
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