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We often get asked some questions which are not necessarily product related. We have tried to capture these here, with our responses to help you satisfy your interest as soon as you have the question in mind.

I am worried about data security as Innovise will be hosting a business-critical solution for me. What assurances can I get?

In July 2009 Innovise acquired Rapidhost, a dedicated hosting service provider which allowed us to acquire skills we knew we needed to help define and maintain a Cloud infrastructure for our customers. Innovise had been providing Cloud solutions for over a decade (irrespective of the term Cloud not being in common use back then). In short, we had and still have a lot of expertise inside our business, and central to this we have a raft of people designing our solutions who really "get" security.

Innovise is ISO27001. Our suppliers such as a Data centre providers, and other critical partners are all the same. We are always happy to complete a client's Information Security assessment forms so we can share specific details of our security first thinking to give you peace of mind.

Ensuring we have a safe and secure environment for your data is a primary responsibility. We invest in very secure infrastructure and the team which manage this space are clear and unequivocal; 'security is our business and we take it very seriously."

We would recommend you use our Resources page to find more information on Security.

What hardware does Innovise recommend for my solutions?

Innovise are independent in terms of which hardware and which manufacturers you can use. We do this as we recognise individuals and companies' needs differ and one size rarely fits all. What we do provide is sensible, objective advice which you can take in to your consideration when thinking about what you need to do. As we work with this technology all day, every day, we can help you think about the total cost of ownership, the pitfalls and the advantages of the various options.

For certain technology areas such as Biometrics we have taken time to integrate what we believe are the better biometric solutions out there. We base that judgement on reliability, performance and cost.

Biometric devices can have high failure rates. They can fail in many aspects be that the finger or face reading aspects, the ruggedness or their value for money. We have provided information on our ready-integrated devices one our website. More information can be found here.

I need to spend a lot of money with Innovise and I want to protect my cash flow. How can you help?

Working with Facilities Management, we understand the industry and the financial demands which a business like yours can suffer from. To that end, at point of order we can discuss the variety of options we have for you and help you find a payment plan that suits. Even as an existing customer with solutions and existing terms of payment, we can be flexible. Things change and we know this. By contacting our finance team or your account manager, we can agree a change to those terms and care for you in the way you would hope.

Innovise seems to work with a lot of my competitors. How do I show my clients I am innovative if what I am showing them is the same as everyone else and how do I know that Innovise won't share anything innovative I do with my competitors?

Yes, Innovise do have a very strong client list in FM. We provide a set of reliable, scalable and cost-effective tools. A bit like Microsoft Office – pretty much everyone uses the same tools but it's what they do with the tools that really counts and sets you aside. Quite simply, Timegate, Servicetrac, and Portertrac are flexible. You design what you want to do, but they are tools you can use every day and that won't let you down. They are in many companies, this is true. They deliver very strong benefits (financial, compliance or otherwise) to the sectors that are listed above and everybody wants the best tools for the job. We can help you think about all the ways that you can optimise the product for your business, the way you work and or what you want to deliver but ultimately we will leave this bit to you – we will just help you find your edge inside the technology.

Coming to what is often a deeper concern, what assurances can we give you? Ultimately, context is the most helpful thing: Innovise have built a business on trust. People trust us not to share their ideas with their competitors and yet understand that we do work with their competitors as closely as we would like to work with you. If we broke this trust our business would begin to fold in on itself so it's not in our interests to do this. Add the security factor to this (data security), it's not that easy for just anyone, even at Innovise, to access your data and your way of working, let alone copy it and share it to someone else. There are tight controls and processes governing this, as well as statutory and other legal provisions.  As a mature and sensitive partner, we understand what this would mean to us and how a bad reputation would easily kill off our hard work of many years.

I am worried about Biometric Solutions. What will my staff think of me when we ask for their fingerprints and bio-identity data?

This is a complex area and one we can better advise you on face-to-face. It is perfectly acceptable (and widely done now) to collect more and more information about an employee, especially when you have them on remote sites or they are entering sensitive areas of your business (such as a client site, server room etc). You have a legal obligation to ensure only appropriate people have access to certain things and its all a question of balance. If you need to (legally) validate the identity of a person starting a work shift and your only legitimate way to do this is to collect a fingerprint (as you need to ensure they are the person who is supposed to be there, or, they need to be a registered and screened employee to border agency requirements), then you are allowed to use biometric identification. Indeed, there is an argument that you should have a number of checks in place and this is just one.

Biometric data capture is very common place now. The tools we will advise you to use will be secure and data stored on them will not be retractable so you can recompile a copy of someone's fingerprint itself. We will always help you find the right solution for your business and help you with any concerns you have about your reputation with staff and other stakeholders.

What about Biometric data and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)?

This is something you need to speak to your legal advisors about. Biometric data is personal data and as such you will either need consent, or it will be required that you can show that use of a Biometric terminal is necessary. Innovise don't offer advice on Biometrics and GDPR, nor should we. We are happy to join with you and your legal advisors to describe how the technology works and what information is passed, and how to help you form your own opinions so please get in touch if you need help.