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World class Business Intelligence for Workforce Management 

Insights Pack

Timegate’s Insights Pack provides our clients with an easy to use, easy to implement Business Intelligence (BI) tools to begin your analysis journey. Even if you just want Innovise’s Data Warehouse so you can plug your own existing BI tools in to Timegate our solution is correct for you.

Harness the power of your data, using just Timegate as your source, or perhaps supplementing it as you need. Give yourselves the critical advantage. 

Flexible, Intelligent options
Data Warehousing

Access to your data, however and whenever you want it.

Business Intelligence

The ultimate tool for data driven decision making.

3rd Party sources

Bring in data from other solutions to Timegate

The critical advantage

Insights offers you access to your data in new and important ways. You will be able to generate visibility and intelligence over operational and financial performance, as well as how you can better equip your business for today’s ultra-competitive environment. 

Insights offers you exciting, fresh visualisation of your data, allowing you to scrutinise and evaluate different aspect of your business. You will also be able to build classic grids and reports all of which you can customise using self service.  

If you want more systems integrated to one place, no problem. And the more data you analyse, the more performance you'll demand so Insights also allows you to flex the storage and the processing powering you need. 

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Using Timegate to support corporate strategy and manage the demands of a rapidly growing, nationwide business. 
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Each business is different but with configurations to suit the subtle but different demands of each, Timegate can help you achieve your best. Let us show you how.

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