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The Evolution of Service Delivery

Your business relies on a large dispersed workforce with whom you need to connect, interact and instruct day by day, minute by minute. 

Their ability to perform is governed by your business. By the tools and the training you provide. Recognising this, Timegate's Service Delivery tools will enable you to equip your entire workforce with everything they need to represent you well, helping you deliver on-time, on-budget and on-promises you make. 

Service Delivery is changing. Are you ready? 

In a nutshell
Incidents into Action

Incident or Task management as standard

Meaningful Data Capture

A way of gathering and working in more complex situations

Patrolling, Tours or Beats

Whatever you call them, they're here!

Daily Occurrence Book

In todays world what gets captured, gets measured.

Service Delivery Pack

What if you could see the activities of every employee, on every site, every day?

How could you leverage this information to make your employees more productive, to reduce costs, and to provide better service level insights to your clients? With Timegate’s Service Delivery pack, you can.

The Service Delivery pack is disrupting traditional workforce management and field service tools, to truly digitise service delivery and management. By tracking all incidents, activities, routes, patrols and site occurrences, Timegate brings a new dimension to the connected workforce.

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Using Timegate to support corporate strategy and manage the demands of a rapidly growing, nationwide business. 
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