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Timegate is the Number 1 Workforce Management Solution for support services businesses globally

Timegate Essentials

Timegate Essentials

Essentials contains the functionality that is 'essential' to effectively managing workforce. Information about your clients, your employees and their locations; the schedules, rosters, plans that combine them to help you map delivery of both your contractual and financial performance.

It also includes access to the Time & Attendance tools and services you need to prove you keep your promises, and then the Dashboards and Reporting for the analysis you would expect to make from a Workforce Management Solution.

The building blocks of success
Time & Attendance

Basic but effective control of costs and proof of presence


Planning to be on-time, on budget and preventing margin erosion

Live Data

Real-time, Live action keep you on top of the operation and your commitments


Enterprise-wide visibility, awareness & intelligence breeds success

The heart of the solution

Timegate is a software solution that can grow with your business.

It is comprised of a core engine and then 'Packs' that you bolt on. This is the essential part of Timegate for every client. That's why we called our core system ‘Essentials’. From simple Time & Attendance functionality to complex scheduling & rolling rosters, Timegate’s essential functionality also includes our apps, our Cloud-based telephone services and access to technology such as Biometric Idenitifcation.

With Essential Timegate you will quickly reap the benefits of Workforce Management and extract a return on investment which will allow you to invest in further, even more valuable Timegate packs. 

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Using Timegate to support corporate strategy and manage the demands of a rapidly growing, nationwide business. 
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Each business is different but with configurations to suit the subtle but different demands of each, Timegate can help you achieve your best. Let us show you how.

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